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This review may contain spoilers.

I watched this in English at the start of 2019, and rewatched it in subtitles when 2019 was coming to a close. And I have to say, this has become one of my top 5 favourite anime’s. I went into it blind, not knowing that it was part of a franchise or that it was violent and METAL AS HELL. I was not prepared for how bloody, violent, and sexual this series was going to be. And those don’t bother me one bit, I love me some horror, and I don’t mind nudity/sexual themes as long as it makes sense to the story. At first the art style threw me off a little (it’s the legs and lack of knee caps), but I later realized that it actually fits the tone and themes of the story. The visuals aren’t just body horror and psychotic violence, at times it also becomes outlandish, it makes me feel like I took edibles or mushrooms beforehand. And even though I’m against recreational drugs, I love media that uses visuals to replicate that feelings of being on them.
Another thing I didn’t expect from the show was the social commentary. Some may say it feels ham-fisted, but to me it felt like both an odd choice and a metaphor that made sense. It very much parallels the story of Frankenstein: a creature that isn’t perfect, but ultimately doesn’t want to do harm, only to be rejected by the public and hunted down. Only this time it’s not just one devilman, it’s many.
This anime is so hard to recommend to people because it’s really not for everyone. It’s graphic, it’s sexual, it’s got body horror and gore, and it also has an ending that will leave you open mouthed and saying, ” that it!???” Or “what the fuck was that ending?!??”
I didn’t know anything about the man behind this series, Masaaki Yuasa, but I’ll definitely be seeking out more of his work.