The Batman

The Batman ★★★★½

This movie was so epic. It looked incredible, like literally every shot is was insane. I also saw this on a giant IMAX screen so I literally got chills when Something In the Way played at the beginning it was amazing. I also LOVED the cast everyone was perfect for their roles. I ALSO DIDNT KNOW JOHN TUTURRO WAS IN THIS he was like a main character I love him he slayed. I also loved Jeffrey Wright as Gordon him and batman’s relationship was so great they should have kissed. Paul Dano was also so unhinged and Colin Farrell was absolutely insane it was like he was someone else fr. I actually really liked Robert Pattinson as Batman like it worked so well. Zoe Kravitz is such a bad bitch like how is she so perfect she ended up being really great. I just love how this movie was equal parts a detective story that kept us engaged while also having amazing action sequences. Like literally shortest 3 hours of my life. I still feel like I have so much to say but this review is already long but I really liked this a lot. Like I could write a whole review about Paul Dano in this bro.

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