Tombstone ★★★★

A beautifully-paced, sometimes exhilarating story of Wyatt Earp, just coming off the peak of his celebrity, trying to settle down with his brothers in Tombstone, Arizona, when disorder is at its highest point.

It is the Wild West, and Wyatt is trying to make some money, to exploit the situation rather than resolve it. But a good lawman has justice in his blood, and so although he is the last to come around, Wyatt begins to lead a small militia to thwart the Cowboys' anarchist ways.

The scenes where Wyatt's rage light goes on are viscerally powerful, with Russell's perfect combination of steely-eyed anger, tempered by his morality. Also, Doc Holliday (Kilmer) steels the movie, all dry southern gentleman wit and internal strength. This is all in spit of his body clearly shutting down due to tuberculosis.

Unlike many westerns, there aren't many slow points in the story, and the scenes where the lawmen are riding -- or even just walking -- are dramatic and stylish. It is an underrated piece of mid-'90s action cinema; a great story with some great shootouts.

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