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  • Jasper Mall

    Jasper Mall


    It's Frederick Wiseman's Russian Ark, guided by a Kiwi Joe Exotic.

    This movie is an elegy for End Stage Capitalism. It's the last gasp of a pre-COVID society that failed us on every level, from 2019 Alabama to 2021 Texas. I hope that if this is the end of shopping malls -- an institution I love more than any rational person should -- it is the precursor to a more equitable and just society.

    It may have been tempting for…

  • Swallow



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Swallow isn't quite Get Out as told by Ari Aster, but that's the elevator pitch. As much as I admired Never Rarely Sometimes Always, it doesn't pack half the punch as Swallow does, while touching on the same themes of feminist agency, being trapped by societal pressures, and a need to escape.

    Hunter and Richie are giving off Jennifer Lawrence and Handsome Eli Manning vibes. They live in a palatial Catskills abode whose 1950-60s pastiche vibes would make Tim Burton…

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  • Kedi



    Pretty disappointing. It's well-made, but it's more like a Discovery Channel special than an actual movie. And it's less about the cats themselves as it is about the humans' feelings about them. I guess that sounds silly to complain about it, bit I've seen a lot of interesting stuff about how cats tick, and how they relate to humans, and this did very little of that. It's fine.

  • Erin


    Seriously diminishing returns with Tiny/Erin the older she gets...

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  • Time



    Let's get this out of the way right off the bat: the fact that Robert Richardson was sent to prison for six decades over a Credit Union robbery where no one got hurt is utter bullshit. I don't care that he actually did it, and that he should have taken a plea deal (although he did, and he should have): our system is completely broken and that is an extremely urgent topic that we need to have dialogue about and,…

  • Comedian



    It's one thing to be funny. It's another thing to entirely to be a Comedian. Such is the thesis of this portrait of two stand-up comics.

    One of the comics is Jerry Seinfeld, one of the greatest, and inarguably most heralded comic of the last three decades. The other is Orny Adams, a young, brash upstart. The contrast between the two drives the film.

    While Orny is a nobody, he boldly demands respect, gets upset by hecklers, blames crowds for…