Spencer ★★★★

i won't lie, when this film was announced i was one of those people who were skeptical but after seeing kristen stewart's performances outside of twilight, i had a change of heart and thankfully this didn't disappoint.

kristen stewart gave what i think is her best performance yet and my favourite performance of the year so far. when you're watching her as princess diana, you aren't watching an actress who is solely doing this for awards but rather someone who deeply cared about bringing princess diana's essence to life and that's what is so refreshing to me. stewart completely transforms into the role yet still gives something much more than a simple impersonation, instead it was almost like she experienced this all firsthand. believe the hype because every bit of praise she receives is deserved. 

other aspects in this film added on to the immersive experience. the cinematography is breathtaking, the score enhances your emotions in certain crazy scenes, the direction is exquisite and i want the costumes in my closet like... right now. i did have a few issues with some of the dialogue but nothing drastic to ruin my impression on the film.  

overall: give kristen stewart her oscar now!

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