Fantastic Mr. Fox

Fantastic Mr. Fox ★★★★★

Wes Anderson movies are weirdo movies, and for that same reason, I appreciate them as cinematic classics because you know, I'm something of a weirdo myself. But I think what Wes does best at his films, is how he makes them even better on a rewatch.

Here is an example. I gave this movie an 8/10 in my first, because I sincerely found the pace unbalanced and some dialogues weird as cuss. But I couldn't take off the feeling to rewatch this movie. So I rewatched it, twice, and in both those rewatches, I gave it a 10/10. And you know what I did today? (if you REALLY couldn't tell) I rewatched it for a third time today.

Mostly because I wanted to show this movie to my older brother, since he liked Wes' most recent movie until now (a.k.a Isle of Dogs), so I thought that maybe he would like this one. And he sure liked it. But I also wanted to rewatch this movie because this is honestly the most rewatchable film ever made. Like, seriously, how can a movie be THIS rewatchable?

Much like Grand Budapest Hotel, there are a bunch of super quoteable quotes in this movie, and it also has a masterful soundtrack by Alexandre Desplat, that you may not consider his work in the first watch to be really amazing, but in the second watch, it's just... mindblowing.

And there are a bunch of elements that makes this movie an unique classic, and all of those elements are just executed with such a childlike wonder that you can only find in a Wes Anderson flick. Every time I rewatch this movie just reminds me why Wes Anderson is my favorite director, and it also reminds me why I love Cinema as an art form, and I absolutely love it.


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