Dennis ★★½

This definitely wasn't what I expected going into it. I read about how it's about a bodybuilder who's an introvert that lives with his mother, and how he asks a girl out, is shy on the date and at a party afterwards, feels humiliated, then goes home defeated.

I was expecting more sympathy for the character of Dennis. I wouldn't say he's relaxed or anything when he asks her out, but he just seemed like a regular sort of nervous. On the date, he seems so miserable and reluctant to talk about himself that I kind of questioned why he bothered asking her out in the first place. The party, which is really just his date and a couple of her friends, actually seemed like a decent group of people. They were at least trying to bring him into the group and talk him up.

I get that he's an introvert, but at the same time I just kept wondering why he even tried to be social in the first place if the very act seems so awful and miserable for him. I could have also done without them villianizing the mother and making it out as almost a Norman Bates level of issues (at least she's not a rotting corpse that he impersonates).