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  • Backcountry



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Like watching people be tortured? Tired of always reading about people experiencing gruesome deaths and just want to actually see it for once? Did you ever eat paint chips as a kid? Well then step right up because this movie is for you! And unlike most conventional movies, this one doesn't much bother with forcing you to pay attention to some wacky made up story or anything! No sirree, no story at all to this! Basically just watching people be…

  • Personal Shopper

    Personal Shopper

    Wet turd. I had some optimism in the beginning but it quickly faded. I thought it seemed like a lazy attempt at Art house horror except there was nothing interesting enough to merit the Art part. Ending was very flat.

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  • Can't Get You Out of My Head

    Can't Get You Out of My Head


    Another incoherent pile of garbage from Curtis. I watched century of self years ago and found it to be very good. But after continuing education and watching this and Hypernorm, I have to say Curtis is at best a confused and unorganized intellectual, or at worst a blatant propagandist spreading confusion as a means to further the agenda of inventing reality. Im leaning toward the latter. His unmoving anticommunism will always block him from reaching an objectively true analysis of…

  • The Alex Leyba Movie

    The Alex Leyba Movie


    Where the fudge is Paul at?!?!