Elvis ★★★½

Look, Baz is not subtle. You either are on board with that or you’re not. And even as someone who does enjoy his aesthetic I will say it’s a lot. Borderline assaulting even. A strong majority of this movie is montage after montage. I wish it settled into actual scenes and plot more often because when it does it’s more focused and gives you something to care about. 

Austin Butler is genuinely great in the role. No one could ever truly match Elvis’ magnetism but Butler comes pretty close to it and doesn’t veer off into parody. Much has already been said about the Hanks performance and it is certainly off putting. The fact that we experience the whole story through his framework like a bizarro Jiminy Cricket did not seem necessary. 

In the end, it is effective and entertaining and I cried 3 times. So there’s that.

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