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  • Zola

  • Chaos Walking

  • Monos

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  • Chaos Walking

    Chaos Walking

    What if all the men thoughts were visible making sci-fi Tom Holland even cuter in front of his “unlikely companion” in a world with mysteriously  no more women but wait there’s a twist to how it got this way! O m g it’s the men who are the real monsters ! Oops a pandemic and nobody care

  • Monos


    Watched this on a plane which is probably not the best way to see it but the dude with a drake tattoo next to me, who was coming back from vacationing with his bros in Florida, after watching moana on his phone woke up right to the most brutal animal gutting scene and then just kept staring at my screen without sound😳 anyways, hope he’s ok

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  • Fantastic Fungi

    Fantastic Fungi


    This movie is a dried up puff mushroom. I love mushrooms 4 life forever but firstly, whoever worked on the audio editing for this film needs to be held fully accountable for making this very poorly researched movie totally unbearable to watch and possibly punished by being forced to watch it many times in a row. There is no mention of any historical context for mushrooms being worshipped and used in indigenous cultures since the beginning of time bc it’s…

  • Tenet


    Seriously this director guy must be stopped before he makes things any worse why hasn’t anyone stopped him