Blow-Up ★★★

Been meaning to check this out for a while based on its stellar reputation but honestly, didn't really do it for me. It very well could have been that I wasn't in the mood for the nonsensical Italian sensibilities but this just felt meandering and pointless. Still, as with most Italian films of this era, there is a lot to like here.

The plot is a Hitchcockian setup moving on to a physiological thriller. This stuff is all cool for the moments the movie focuses on it. Psychedelic visuals are stellar, the soundtrack is great and it's all pushed through a slavish drive to be presented as cool or "fab" above all else.

Didn't much care for the lead character though and as we're pretty much following him around and his random sleazy exploits and sexist behaviors for a couple of days I didn't get much out of this beyond the aesthetic. I the roaming gang of pantomimes I was really into though. Will have to revisit this when now that I know what to expect, perhaps with a fat doobie.

Probably wouldn't recommend.

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