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This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

ok ive already added a spoiler warning but i know sometimes you just get curious but this is a second one there’s BIG SPOILERS in this review!!! do not read unless you have seen the film!!! 

this is not going to make any sense it’s just gonna be me losing my shit because MY LITTLE RUSSIAN ASSASSIN BABY IS BACK !!!!!!!! SHE’S SO !!!!!!!! this was so incredible and i love her so much and i’ve loved seeing her develop over the years. and i love this lil family they’re really gonna give me time for ONE film and then never again huh. seems kinda bethphobic but ok. and YELENA oh my christ she’s such a little shit I LOVE HER SO MUCH !!!!! LITTLE RUSSIAN ASSASSIN BABY 2 !!!!!!! this was so funny the chit chat on the little helicopter/plane thing 😭😭 i’m so proud of natasha she was such a bad bitch in this and she’s so nice and just wants to make the world better and she doesn’t want to steal cars you hear that winter soldier nat hm ??? 🤔 but fr this was so mf good and i can’t form sentences there are so many parts that i loved this film was serotonin but also depression but IM SO HAPPY !!!! IVE WAITED FOR SO LONG AND IT WAS SO WORTH IT !!!!! but i really thought they were gonna bring her back 😔 like she was gonna wake up on vormir from hulk’s snap 😔 in my mind she did <3 but i am so not ready to say goodbye to her even less so after watching this plsss more prequels i cannot lose her !!!!!! 
butttt THAT POST CREDITS SCENE JESUS CHRISTTTTT EXACTLY u go get that rat, yelena!! 💖
in conclusion i loved this and can’t wait to watch it again and it was 100% worth the wait i’m so happy 🥰 sorry if there are typos cba to read through this

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