Ocean's Eight

Ocean's Eight ★★★★★

"a him gets noticed, a her gets ignored."

man i walked out of that theatre feeling like MY ass could rob damn met gala. sandra, cate, anne, sarah, helena, mindy, rihanna and awkwafina: I WORSHIP YOU. i was sitting there watching and thinking it couldn't possibly get any better, but then it did. every time. every character made sense. the score was incredible. anne hathaway's boobs. and THE FASHION. i will take the images of rihanna in that red dress and cate blanchett in that sequined turquoise jumpsuit to my damn grave. could've done without james corden though.

also rihanna smoking a blunt while hacking the met gala's security system added about 10 years onto my life

god is a collection of women. thank you and goodnight

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