Enemy ★★★★½

enemy is an addicting, mind bending thriller that will convince you that you have it all figured out only to shock you at the last minute every time. jake gyllenhaal flawlessly pulls off playing two characters at once but i’m not surprised he’s so fucking talented.

it was so weird to watch this because it’s filmed in and takes place in toronto where i live and strange to see all the buildings i see from work everyday! i really loved how they made the city look less vibrant to portray adam/anthony’s draining moods and their personalities clashing together. 

a little piece of trivia i found on the IMDb page:

“while no explanation was given for the presence of spiders, it has been analyzed by many people that they represent as adam/anthony's weakness to women, making him less dominant.”

i found this this very interesting because i found that was the case for anthony’s character but not adam’s. i found that adam was strengthened by women whereas anthony’s character was the one who was weakened, which showed especially near the ending. but that’s just me! 

i loved this :) jake + villeneuve make an incredible team!

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