Old ★★★★½

Truly one of the best movies of the year, no one is doing it like my boy Shyamalan delivering stories that stay true to himself and always playing with audience’s expectations on what’s he gonna do next. I feel like this movie was his playground in a way, revisiting themes throughout his filmography only executed with the uncanny feel driven by the anxiety and weirdness of the situation like in The Happening, only in this movie he delivers on those emotional punches with relative ease. Calling it a Twilight Zone episode while it is accurate, I love how he does his on twist with the familiar dynamic, and it may sound similar to his other works sometimes I think he achieves this much tighter, every single moment isn’t wasted (which is ironic since it’s one of the movie’s messages), there’s a trouble in paradise outlook always and it drives the point home with humanity’s greatest fear being right in front of them, death is something we know will come in our lives but we live like we don’t know that, savor every moment and surround yourselves with people you love. Beautiful how a movie so terrifying also made me appreciate life.

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