Happiest Season

Happiest Season ★★★★

I loved it. Kristen Stewart fully owning her butch-ness the past few years has given me so much life, I f**king love lesbians so damn much and K-Stew is the perfect lesbian crush.

The family in this movie is horrible, absolutely horrible, cringeworthy, and I reckon we all can relate to spending Christmas with a partners family and feeling so out of place, I know I can. I spent 3 Christmases with the family of an ex-boyfriend and his grandmother used to tell us when we arrived “no kissing or affection between you 2 today please, boys” I kid you not, safe to say I didn’t stick around for a 4th Christmas hahahaha. I could relate to Kristen Stewart’s character so much, the fish out of water, always feeling like the extra seat, not really welcome.

Kristen is so cool, it was nice to see her in a light and easy romcom like this, which isn’t something you think to see her in. Mackenzie Davis is good but it’s hard to enjoy her when she’s playing such an awful character. The supporting cast are fun, special mention to the star Dan Levy, the effortlessly cool Aubrey Plaza, and Mary Holland who steals the scenes she’s in.

Clea Duvall, thank you for giving the gays the Christmas movie we deserve.

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