Carol ★★★★★

don’t really have anything to say other than every time i rewatch this film i feel it even deeper than the time before. like many other people right now, i’m having a hard time holding on to any shred of hope, but carol makes me feel like everything is going to be ok.
i also want to share a recent piece of writing on the film by david ehrlich that touched me deeply:

“It’s more than a vessel for Carter Burwell’s swooning career-best score, or Sandy Powell’s seductive costumes, or the rare queer romance that gave its characters a happy ending — an ending that resonates through Cate Blanchett’s coy smile with the blunt force of every impossible dream Carol Aird has ever had for herself. It’s more than just an immaculate response to decades of “if only” dramas like David Lean’s “Brief Encounter,” or a heartstopping series of small gestures that builds into the single most cathartic last shot of the 21st century. It’s all of those things (and more!), but most of all it’s an indivisibly pure distillation of what it feels like to fall in love alone and land somewhere together.”

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