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  • House



    One of the most chaotic films I have ever seen. From editing to script to acting to effects. Absolute fucking bananas. I have a certain understanding in my head of what a good film is to me, and somehow this film both meets all of those expectations and fails at them at the exact same time. I guess that’s how I know it succeeded at being a campy movie, a film that wins at being bad. This strange Japanese horror film from the 1970’s has blessed my eyes, and I loved it. 8/10

  • The Goonies

    The Goonies


    I guess I’m on an 80’s movie binge during quarantine. Likely brought on by a desire for escapism, romanticizing the past, nostalgia for childhood, whatever. Breakfast Club fit that, and so does Goonies, I won’t lie. And I’m sure a review of this film for me is going to have some biases from growing up with it, sure. Still, after watching, I genuinely feel this film is good, even beyond nostalgia.
    Nothing about this film screams world-class, but it’s not…