Hereditary ★★★★

I finished watching Hereditary last night at midnight, but just until now I’ve gathered all my thoughts about it. That’s the first plus for the film; how it lingers and unsettles even after it’s over.

I have to say, it took a long time for me to gather the courage to watch this, because after watching the trailer and reading some reviews, the expactions about how terrifying it is supposed to be were overwhelming.

And the film delivers on those expectations in the best possible ways.

It manages to create a lot of impactful and harrowing moments, driven by powerful imagery but subtle delivery, elevated further by the selective, haunting music. Some of these moments are going to stay with me for a while, I’m afraid.

But these moments are specially great because their build up is deliberate, patiently paced- sometimes painfully so. It’s a slow burn, that I’m sure some won’t endure or even less, enjoy. I loved it.

I specially liked how the camera would suddenly switch and close-up on Annie’s  face for her reactions to the nightmare revolving around her.

And that’s the biggest punch the film throws; Annie’s ordeal, impressive and flawlessly performed by Toni Collette. A tour de force filled with despair, heartbreak, grief, and madness.

Awfully shocking, brilliantly crafted.

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