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  • Memoria
  • Running on Empty
  • The Girl and the Spider
  • Drive My Car

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  • Desert Fury


  • Radiance


  • Big Trouble in Little China


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  • Desert Fury

    Desert Fury


    Hard not to be bowled over by that technicolor, or amused by the snappy verbal sparring of the day, but otherwise I just could not get into this in anyway. Underwhelming at best, dull at worst. In some sense, I really wanna keep trying with American studio pictures from the Hays Code decades, but after 20 or so years of cinephilia it's the era that, more than any other, comes up short for me.

  • Radiance



    While the film can teeter rather close to eye-rolling melodrama, the overall gentle ache of Kawase's work is appreciated.

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  • Places in Cities

    Places in Cities


    Because this early film by Angela Schanelec has no reviews logged on Letterboxd I have gone back and dug up my initial thoughts on the film when I first saw it in October of 2012: 

    Places In Cities opens with a young man talking to a teenage girl, her back to the camera. Her brown hair is pulled tight in a pony tail. The young man professes his love for her, knows that he is too old for her --…

  • Hereditary



    My general disdain and then total disinterest in horror films that either premiered at Sundance or Cannes and were produced by A24 continues! 

    The name of this game tends to be technically competent first or second features that are by and large narrative garbage, with no clear handle on anyting but some hackneyed atmosphere. And this one... when it comes to any knowing and understanding about mental health, neuro-diverse/autistic minds, or heck even witch and occult stuff... gosh, this one is…