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  • Mad Max 2

    Mad Max 2


    What took me so long?!!! After finally seeing this, I confess I liked the first one and fourth one better. The visuals of this one are badass, the idea is genius, but other than the pilot dude, it was hard for me to root for anyone in this movie. I couldn’t really tell what made the settlers more affable than the biker gang. And why does everyone wear S and M attire? Nonetheless- I still recommend this purely for the badassness of the visuals.

  • A Serbian Film

    A Serbian Film


    I realize that this probably makes me a terrible person but honestly- I thought that this movie used a lot of creativity in visuals and storytelling. And I appreciated how hypnotizing it was. If the second half of the movie wasn’t done in such poor taste, I would have given this five stars. 

    The overall visual and sonic style is so impressive, it very much draws you in. The soundtrack was simply dazzling! 

    Compared to “Salo,” I thought this was…

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  • Idiocracy



    Watched this thinking it would reflect current society. Of course (IMO) the world created in this is nowhere near as troubling as the current real world is.
    “idiocracy” is non-stop laughs and entertainment the whole time. I literally related to each and every character in this movie. They are all lovable losers.
    I would rather live in the dumbed down world of this movie than the dumbed down world that is now. Definitely in my top ten movies.

  • Joker



    First and foremost- this film was by all means very well done. Visuals, acting, direction, it was all there. A well-crafted work of art. I loved the Lovecraft reference of the “Arkham Asylum” (apparently a staple of Batman films and comics) and I appreciated the plethora of comedic moments, especially the one-liners.
         That being said, while I respect the craft of the film, I still found it to be rather disappointing. The main reason is because of the…