Knives Out

Knives Out ★★★★½

The game is afoot, eh Watson?

First time watch: September 2020
Source: Amazon Prime

I was due to watch this in the cinema but for one reason or another missed my opportunity. I then brought the Blu Ray and never got round to putting it on. Then Amazon Prime adds it, in 4k quality, and I still put it off. Finally here I am writing having seen it and it's as great as I wanted it but yet has the one problem I dreaded, theres no rewatchability. Once you've seen it you cannot unsee it, it's a danger with these types of films but perhaps the reason they just dont get made.

Yes its witty and entertaining but once you know the outcome is there value in a revisit? Still that shouldn't take away from the joy it provides. The endless talent on display is such a pleasure to watch, there is a great energy inwhich you can just see how motivated the cast is by the presence of each other. Everyone is upping their game to avoid being overshadowed which plays directly into director Rian Johnson's hands but on that note nobody puts Benny in the corner, Daniel Craig as Southern drawl Benoit Blanc is inspired.

The writing had to be clever and spot on. There is a well executed narrative with mystery and comedy intertwined with evenly proportioned plot developments and twists. Everything is well planned and thought out in almost flawless fashion. A real positive to such a genre is the audiences need to feel involved, every line of dialogue is attentively listened to as the viewer will believe they have a chance of solving the crime themselves. Now to wait 10 years in the hope I would have forgotten who did it thus allowing me to rewatch it...

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