Juliet of the Spirits

Juliet of the Spirits ★★★½

311/1001 films you must see before you die

Juliet of the Spirits is my first venture into Federico Fellini films although I didn't know it when I selected it. With a limited trial run on the Mubi streaming service I've been trying to get through as many titles from the 1001 book as possible. I have alot of exploring of Fellinis work and this was an 'interesting' introduction.

Its evident that Fellini took full advantage of this being his first colour film, splashing the screen with vibrancy, scenes of greens and reds shout loud. Starring the directors wife, Giulietta Masina, this is the story of Juliet whose marriage appears in turmoil resulting in her entering a world of spirit visions and eroticism. The film is an experience, unpredictable from start to end in which the creativity jumps from the screen in an ambitious feature.

Ambitious and yet ambiguous, Juliet of the Spirits was hard to follow at times and I had a few problems that stopped me being fully immersed in this spectacle. My main concern stood with the main character Giulietta herself, who was quite uninteresting and not necessarily varied in her facial expressions. As a personal opinion I would have preferred a more direct plot as opposed to episodes of visions or experiences. Whilst I appreciate the artistry of the work it was balancing upon a fine line of being pretentious.