Finch ★★★½

I know you were born yesterday but it's time for you to grow up

First time watch: November 2021
Source: Apple+

Finch is the 2021 post-apocalyptic science fiction drama directed by Miguel Sapochnik. Originally named BIOS the film stars Tom Hanks as one of the few survivors on Earth who builds an android and travels across country with his dog on one last trip.

Quick Thoughts
An updated Cast Away, Tom Hanks is no stranger to the one man show whilst finding companionship in something his character created. At 65 Hanks hasn't lost his charm or charisma, there is alot riding on his shoulders to carry a screenplay reliant on the relationship between man and android.

The level of comedy that is generated from the newly formed friendship is mixed, with some jokes falling flat or feeling old. In addition the sudden bursts of attempted laughs isn't always fitting to the overall dark and sombre tone of the story. There are a whole host of similar features inwhich a naive robot bonds with a human but as our world leaders gather to review the doomed fate of planet Earth there are important themes and messages in Finch we must remember.....ultimately life is short, don't forget to live it. Not so much captivating but Finch is without a doubt heartbreaking.

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