Candyman ★★★★

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First time watch: October 2021
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Candyman is the 1992 supernatural horror film written and directed by Bernard Rose. Starring Virginia Madson, Tony Todd, Vanessa Estelle Williams and Xander Berkeley the plot focuses on a college graduate investigating the legend of Candyman.

Can't fix that, better of dead

Quick Thoughts
On the surface some could be fooled into believing Candyman is a slasher film with jump scares and excessive violence but the reality is that it's a gritty investigative story that intelligently factors in social commentary resulting in an effectively engaging experiance.

Candyman has an identity with genuine depth that examines the motivations of the antagonist. The interesting backstory allows for some good narrative development which is all complimented by the score and acting. Tony Todd is iconic as he cuts an intimidating figure and whilst it's not necessary "scary" there is an impact to his actions both on the characters and the films audience.

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