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First time watch: July 2020
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8 1/2 is the start of a movement in cinema and new beginning for director Federico Fellini. It acts as a separate period in his works, a path of new depth and creativity. Winner of the Best Foreign Film and nominated for Best Director at the Academy Awards, 8 1/2 is celebrated as one of his best works and has stood the test of time. Dealing with the struggles of creativity the film acts as a reflection to the troubles of an artist and the pressures to produce work of the highest standard whilst besting oneself.

8 1/2 displays a profound sense of chaos; at one moment Guido (Marcello Mastronianni) is both attempting to break a mental block whilst providing guidance in the creation of a new cinematic masterpiece against severe scrutiny, all the while dealing with his own personal strife that follows him around like a curse. This is another one of Fellini's lost men, fragmented and tortured. Guido will often escape into memories, seeking sanctuary where others cannot go but life was always waiting for him. Providing an insight into Fellini himself he seamlessly tackles an ambitious array of themes with panache.

Marcello Mastronianni perfectly balances both the dark and comedic themes complimented by cinematography that provides striking yet beautiful visuals. The foreshadowing and symbolism in the opening scene is a mouthwatering delight.

Fellini is a visionary, bold and ambitious. 8 1/2 is rich, layered with depth, every scene so intrinsic with detail all the while Marcello is playing his role with genuine conviction. Women are radiant in key roles. Watching films is an educational journey and Federico Fellini is an important stop for anyone willing to learn.

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