Yi Yi

Yi Yi β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…

Yi Yi has been shifting around my top ten for a while now. I kept telling myself that I needed to rewatch it but never did. After rewatching I can confidently say that this is my favorite film of all time...

Yi Yi represents everything I love about movies. Everything I love about watching them and everything that I want to make in the future(🀞). But movies aside, I love this film because it represents life. It follows normal people going about their daily lives just like you and me. Most people see film as a way to escape from reality into a fantasy world but I tend to prefer films that are grounded in reality and allow the viewer to connect with it. Another thing I found interesting was how I related to a different character this time than the first time around. On my first watch I connected most with Yang Yang’s adolescent nature and how he try’s to find his way in life. On this watch however I related most to Ting-Ting and her relationships to everyone around her. Maybe I’ll connect to the dad or even the grandma as I get older, who knows. I also loved how the camera reflects each of the characters emotions in each scene.Β Every frame, every line of dialogue, every performance, every character is just too damn perfect and so real.

This movie makes me cry so fucking much it’s actually unhealthy😭😭


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