Roma ★★★★★

watching this made me realize how incredibly thankful i truly am for movies. im obsessed with the power they have over its audiences, how they can influence their viewers and change paths. bring us into new worlds but worlds so familiar to us. their impact on our world since it was invented has reached historical precedents and only continues to adapt and shape itself in new ways many would not find possible.

while the world seems to obsess itself over purely big budgeted action movies or repetitive animated movies, alfonso cuaron seems to have avoided this completely. even in his bigger budgeted movies like Prisoner of Azkaban or Gravity, he still manages to fit in his original and wondrous filmmaking styles. they defy nearly all generic Hollywood styles and makes the audience feel as if they were truly with the characters, on the ground, following them around.

with roma, he perfects it.

every technical aspect of filmmaking, cinematography, sound design, visual effects, choreography, all are at complete control. cuaron created an immersive exhibit of life in 1970 Mexico CIty, but plays out more like a time machine. the hustle bustle of the crowded streets and loud trucks, and the chattering, screaming, running, the everything people do in the streets as life plays all around the characters of the movie. the acting is so naturalistic it almost feels like a documentary but isn;t quite shot like one. you want to touch and feel the characters, and sometimes you almost can.

it's hard to explain why someone should watch this movie. you can't exactly explain the plot to someone without making it sound boring or like nothing happens in the movie. it's a black and white, foreign movie and, understandably, many probably won't want to see it. all i can say is that what this movie does is unlike anything you've ever seen before. try and catch it in the theater, if not just put on your best earphones and turn the volume up all the way if you can watch it on Netflix.

a new favorite.

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