Spencer ★★★★★

“I don’t want anyone to die for me. And I hope that your friend’s wild horse was never tamed.” 

An incredibly "WOW" film. My goodness. The power of Pablo Larrain's ability to craft something so wholly unique, cramped, beautiful, painful, and poetic. Queen Kristen Stewart is as good as you've heard - heartbreaking and lovable... SO lovable. In scenes with her children, you can see Diana's outward self totally transform and free herself from any negativity and completely, vibrantly live in the moment with pure joy and Kristen conveys this beautifully. In awe of her. In fact there's quite a few contenders for scene of the year in here plus a captivating and breathtaking montage, and maybe my most favorite music drop EVER? I burst into another level of being in those last 5 minutes. Like in Jackie, Larrain constructs scenes that are visually astonishing and here with Diana, they are certainly that but also ghostly and spectral. Phenomenal movie.

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