The Room

The Room

this movie was much worse than I expected it to be, but in a great, mind blowing, what-did-i-just-watch type of way. as crazy as it is though, it says a lot about Tommy Wiseau — is it a bad movie, or is it just brilliantly misunderstood?

I’m torn between giving this a one star rating or five. that’s just the type of beautiful, terrible mess it is. the most misplaced character has to be Chris-R. like where did he come from? what was his point? though I guess you could ask that about literally any part of this movie.

also, is it just me or is the sound mixing the worst ever? like who mixed this? there should be a jail sentence for who ever mixed it.

nonetheless, i still feel like it merits an applause for Tommy Wiseau’s laugh — that laugh deserves a Grammy. plus, that red dress on Johnny’s crotch puts Ms. Lewinsky’s blue dress to shame.

I wish I could see this at a theatre screening. but for what it’s worth, I threw a spoon at my laptop screen, so I guess I’m a part of the movement. thank you very much.

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