Jupiter Ascending

Jupiter Ascending ★★★

"Jupiter Ascending" is a gigantic, ambitious mess of a film. It's essentially "Dune" without the brains or philosophical intrigue. From a visual perspective I loved every second of this film. The vibrancy, ship design, sets, costumes etc. The Wachowski Sisters create an incredibly rich and detailed world. It's insane that the Wachowski's were able to convince a studio to fund what is essentially their version of "The Chronicles of Riddick."

However, with that said the story is lacking big time. It's the same generic 'fish out of water, but the main character has a noble bloodline' story that's been done a thousand times. The story goes exactly as you'd imagine without any hiccups or interesting swerves. Eddie Redmayne gives a gaunt, ghoulish performance as a God-like character that talks as if he's smoked six hundred cigarettes a day for the last millennia. It's a really bizarre choice and he sinks the movie.

I can't be arsed to spend too much time on this review but I'll finish by saying that this film would play better muted. It's a stunning picture but it's filled with terrible actors, bad dialogue and story beats that barely go anywhere. Sean Bean is the only decent character in this film.

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