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  • Knight of Cups

    Knight of Cups

    shit bag

  • Red Beard

    Red Beard


    Visionary auteur and famed perfectionist, a director of integrity and consistency, a humanist whose eyes loomed over what were the inclinations of a cruel existence, a screenwriter whose characters embodied compassion, patience, and harmony: Akira Kurosawa. His name has an air of ubiquity. An intimidating legend whose esteem heaps and heaps not only due to the grandeur and scope of his work but more so his phantom touch that permeates the current and past landscape of film. As his fame…

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  • Casablanca



    Break neck pace (in the second-half, a bit to a fault but still effective). This is literally set up as a basic linear plot (voice-over and all) and then reveals itself to be in-medias-res. Brave fucking shit. Could have been even braver had it not included the France stuff. Audience participation is a requirement if you want to gain anything beyond the superficial with Casablanca.

    And wow, was I blind cause this level of cinnamon ought to be criminal. The…

  • First Cow

    First Cow


    Kelly, at her most unambiguous, is still provoking. Tame, but not without baring teeth.

    I'd like to propose this narrative that Kelly sort of had it worked out leading up to Meek's Cutoff. River of Grass had ambiguity down like a rock on a rodent; Old Joy had mood like overcast weather in Washington; Wendy and Lucy had character and intense allegorical strength; and Meek's Cutoff possessed the alchemy of her talents.

    And then it's been sort of a hodge-podge…

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  • Glass Onion

    Glass Onion


    Cinema is so dead.

    Who edited this?

    Who wrote this trash?

    Genuinely, what the fuck?

    Is this the same man who delivered us Knives Out?


  • Oppenheimer



    That's right, I said "more cuts." Oh yes, add some spinning shots too! That'll save my dogshit dialogue, which I have written so that every line could be used in promotional material.

    WAIT! We ran out of things to cut to, because I frankly don't give a shit about making these characters more than direct vehicles to serve my straight forward narrative about "everyone's got a plan until they get hit." This Oppenheimer guy I wrote is really just sexy,…