Blade Runner ★★½

That might be the highest rating I could give a film which story I absolutely, with a shadow of a doubt wanted to sleep through.

It completely felt like a fucking load of toss, with a boring-as-watching-paint-dry protagonist, secondary characters that have like two layers and I'm supposed to be impressed that they're deep (because they're robots, see!), and a villain that I honestly wasn't even paying attention to, but he does whacky stuff so he must be awesome or something. The opening crawl had about sixty five billion things I'm supposed to read, understand and digest in the span of 20 seconds (Nexus? Replicant? Blade Runner? Tyrell? WHAT.) and I basically forgot all of it the moment it ended.

On the other hand, it was a well-made movie, with a very nice soundtrack and some excellent production design. It made it a little bit easier to get through.

While Blade Runner might have been trying to provide a message, anything that was being said was totally eradicated in that muck of a film that doesn't do much to get its audience's attention so that they can hear it.

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