Hereditary ★★★★★

1. why was midsommar so hyped when this exists ??
2. why have i only just seen this ?!
3. soooo glad i went into this knowing nothing about it
4. Toni Collette is SENSATIONAL

Dark and gruelling from its opening moments, Hereditary is a true spine tingling experience. The music perfectly sets the tone right from the get go, consistently setting the viewer up for an anxiety attack of horror and disturbance. Ari Aster doesn’t just kick you while your down, he beats the living shit out of you. Haunted me to my very core from start to finish, by far the most visceral horror of the last decade. Incredible sound design and cinematography also. Charlie might just be creepier than Danny from The Shining, anyone who clicks their tongue near me is getting knocked out on sight. This film made my stomach churn on so many occasions it was such a uniquely terrifying atmosphere that genuinely had me sweating the entire way through.  I know Toni Collette absolutely owns this but fucking HELL so does Alex Wolff what a GUY.


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