Blade Runner

Blade Runner ★★★★½

I went into this more excited to see the 2nd one due to Ryan Gosling being in it. I mean it’s Ryan Gosling, it’s literally Ryan Gosling. However, this film exceeded all expectations. For the time it was made, this film looks surreal. Stunning cinematography, lighting and design. Ridley Scott was brilliant in his day and still has it in him to make a good film I’d say (I did really like The Last Duel.) Rutger Hauer was the MVP here with a chilling performance as Roy. Speaking of Ryan Gosling, with that bleach blonde hair Rutger Hauer could have been mistaken for Ryan Gosling by a visually impaired person. There were also a lot of very sexy women robots in this film, seriously great casting there. Hoping the 2nd one is just as good because this film just put my expectations up even higher.

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