I Care a Lot

I Care a Lot ★★★½

i actually really fucking like this movie. rosamund pike is fucking amazing as always and goddamnit if i don’t luv peter dinklage. the cinematography is surprisingly good from a director w such a terrible filmography. the pacing works really well and is supported by a pretty good albeit incredibly derivative soundtrack. 

where i think this movie confuses me the most is it’s framing of rosamund pikes character. Marla Grayson is clearly a fucking evil person who goes to way too far of lengths this to get what she wants at the cost of everyone around her. she takes advantage of people who are immensely vulnerable and embodies everything wrong w modern capitalism. yet the film seems to frame her in a way to where u think u should sympathize. there are no real protagonists in this story and i think the film would’ve been much better off not pretending like marla grayson is some sort of anti hero. it’s funny bc i think rosamund clearly understands what a piece of shit girl boss marla is and it shows in her incredible performance but i kinda feel like the film doesn’t want to make that clear. in that way it does sort of feed into the liberal surface level idea of feminism but at the same time this is an incredibly fun movie and who knows i might be misreading it.

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