Portrait of a Lady on Fire

Portrait of a Lady on Fire ★★★★★

This film is absolutely astonishing. I don’t think love has been portrayed in a film as well as Portrait of a Lady on Fire did. It sums up perfectly what it means to love someone, starting out with awkward looks and then slowly merging together over time to the point where you know how one another thinks and acts. 

This film has so much meaning that I can’t wait to explore, this is my first time watching it so I have a few ideas however, I think I need to rewatch and i’d find loads more. I found myself not thinking while watching this and just being taken away by the films beauty and the journey these two went on together, helped by the amazing performances and writing. 

What is art? There are no concepts or rules to it, it’s emotions. Personal emotions, not something that can be recreated or copied. A feeling of love, hate, fear or anger. Capturing a moment. A memory, that no matter what will never leave you.  

Also, I loved how letterboxd used fire icons instead of stars when you rate this.

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