Scream VI

Scream VI

“Maybe he gets to win this time.”

(NOTE: this review is completely spoiler free.)

I saw Scream VI tonight as the second half of a double feature with Scream 5. And going to that screening, it was a seriously great choice on my part. The two movies work beautifully together. But, goddamn, I have to be blunt about it, this sequel to the requel blows the requel right out of the water. It f**king rocks! I really, really loved it. For me personally, it’s been a LONG time since a Scream movie has been this suspenseful, nail-biting and tense to sit through. Every big set piece is nailed and executed GLORIOUSLY. The opening sequence, the bodega sequence and especially the ladder sequence all had me on the edge of my bloody seat and, truthfully, I don’t think my body fully relaxed again until way after I left the theatre, it’s genuinely the tensest that the Scream franchise has been in a long while, possibly the tensest since the original, but it may’ve even surpassed that in terms of just sheer thrill. The kills are f**king gnarly to watch! The gore definitely got cranked up a little bit this time around. I’d personally say that the gore is probably tamer or maybe equal to the gore in Scream 4, but not tame by any human being’s standards. The kills themselves…let’s just say that Ghostface isn’t f**king around this time. In this movie, if Ghostface wants you dead, he’ll make sure that you and everyone around you feels every thrust of his knife, every drop of blood and every last breath. Hell, even when some certain kills aren’t as gory as others, they were always brutal and even downright mean spirited sometimes. Now, I’m not saying that Ghostface has ever been a kind-hearted individual, f**k no. But, with Ghostface in this instalment, it felt like there was genuine hate and rage behind each stab, raw brutality. The cast are all great. Although this is an unpopular view to have for some, I liked Melissa Barrera’s performance in Scream 5, except for maybe a small handful of line deliveries. But I have to say, I think that even those who, for whatever reason, disliked her performance in Scream 5, they won’t be able to deny her talent as an actor after this movie, she stepped up her game big time. Jenna Ortega is great, no surprises there, and watching her, through her performance, more throughly discover Tara as a character as the movie rolled on was a delight to see. Jasmin Savoy Brown and Mason Gooding also both slip back into their roles as Mindy and Chad amazingly, but you can tell that they’ve definitely found the characters more now than they had found them in Scream 5, they both feel a lot more natural and comfortable in the respective skins of their characters. Courtney Cox is great as Gale, once again that’s not a surprise, Dermot Mulroney delivers a very bizarre performance, Hayden Panettiere’s wonderful, once again, as Kirby and she’s another cast member who slipped right back into their past role with excellence and ease. There’s honestly not any performance in this film that I disliked, it was more moments within the performances that I had an issue with, especially with Dermot Mulroney, who is never bad in the movie but does sometimes go a little too over the top with his performance, to a degree sometimes that I would understand if it took some people out of the experience. And speaking of things that deal damage to the viewing experience, I unfortunately already knew the identity of Ghostface before going into the movie (a big old f**k you to those who spoiled it for so many people on social media). Remember, no spoilers here, I promise you that, I know how much getting spoiled sucks, believe me, I’m speaking from recent experience! It was almost completely unavoidable online when those leaks that came out and, unfortunately, coming across those images a few weeks back, completely spoiling the film’s climatic reveal, it definitely took away from certain scenes in the movie for me, I won’t lie about that. But, at the same time, I acknowledge that that’s not a criticism of the movie itself and it would be unfair to judge the film for it, so I absolutely wont. Now, speaking of criticisms, do I think that Scream VI is some kind of a modern horror masterpiece? No. For as much as I adored it, and believe me I ADORED it, I do still have some issues with it. I feel that the motive behind the slayings was pretty lacklustre, especially when compared to how fresh and intense the rest of the movie is. I also feel like there were certain punches that were thrown that didn’t land exactly as they maybe wanted them to. The film also definitely requires a LOT of suspended belief, more so than usual for a horror movie (people basically get gutted and STILL survive to see the next day, acting almost completely unscathed). There are a fair handful of plot holes to be totally honest, but they’re easy to miss/ignore for the most part and are really nothing at all major. But truthfully, overall, when it comes to this film, the positives HUGELY outweigh the negatives for me. And, honestly, I can’t really think of much, besides what I mentioned, which I actively disliked about the film. But take note that I said “disliked” and not “hated.” I definitely have my nitpicks, but nothing really major in the grand scheme of things. The humour and the writing are both as strong and as tight as ever, certainly stronger and tighter than Scream 5, the suspense is off the charts, a total rollercoaster, the cast all kill it, even when they’re going a little too…over the top for my liking, the kills were downright relentless, I could go on. As a whole, the film certainly exceeded my expectations. And although Scream 7 has allegedly already been greenlit, I’d be perfectly ok if this was the end of the franchise. Straight up, I thought it worked well as a fitting bow on top of this franchise as a whole. But, then again, I can’t wait to see where Radio Silence go with the franchise next, somewhere brilliant, that’s for damn sure! If Scream 5 was a tribute to the late, great and dearly missed Wes Craven, then Scream VI is a tribute to the franchise which himself and Kevin Williamson gave birth to all of those years ago in nineteen-ninety-six. Radio Silence, you’ve killed it once again. That absolutely rocked!

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