• Celestial Being

    Celestial Being


    A refreshing blast of disorienting psychadelia, haunting imagery and hypnotizing visuals seamlessly melt into the progressively experimental soundscapes of this brilliant new music video from Stephen Steinbacher, Zach Barret and Wizard Of aka Bob McCully.

    When I first heard about the combination of contributors involved I was absolutely floored to see what these creative masterminds could accomplish. Being familiar with their previous work I knew it would be a perfect collaboration. And a perfect opportunity to elevate each other's work…

  • Cutting Class

    Cutting Class



    Decided to throw this on as I recover from staying up late for Vinegar Syndrome's black Friday sale last night. The perfect braindead slasher for a lethargic day off! There's a peculiar vibe about this one that I really love. On the outside it seems like your typical 80s slasher but deep inside lurks a tonally bizarre and mean spirited little weirdo of wonder.

    The highlights are found within the layers…

  • Torso



    Torso masters the giallo formula by cranking up every intricate ingredient to a level of expert precision. Just as stylish as it is violent, the screen is constantly being bombarded with a sensory overload of gory murders, lush visuals and beautiful settings. And for 1973 it really pushes the boundaries of what Giallos were capable of at the time. It highlights the progressive nature of the film as it foreshadows some of the brutality that would be common with 80s…

  • Deadly Eyes

    Deadly Eyes


    IT'S A CANADIAN KILLER RAT RAMPAGE! Deadly Eyes aka Night eyes is a glorious onslaught of cheesy 80s magic. An underseen little gem, it's filled with loads of gory rat attack scenes, dramatic performances and the endless charm of early 80s Canadian cinema. The abundance of flannel, snowy Toronto scenery and hockey haired Dad bodied intensity warms the soul like a dang hot chocolate from Tim Hortons eh!

    A large batch of corn grains have been contaminated with steroids resulting…

  • The Red Queen Kills Seven Times

    The Red Queen Kills Seven Times


    The Red Queen slaps Belials brain 7 times and shatters it into swanky psychadelic chunks of brilliance! A stylish and captivating giallo, Red Queen is packed with lavish visuals, an intriguing mystery and the always addictive unhinged energy of Italian cinema.

    When Kitty and Franziska's grandfather dies they fear that the ancient curse of the Red Queen has returned. Rumored to appear every hundred years to kill seven victims the girls sense a deadly presence closing in on them! Disturbing…

  • Young Rebels

    Young Rebels


    From the magical 80s synths and blistering guitars over the intro credits you just know you are in for another deep fried freight train of action cheese from Amir Shervan. Buckle up your brain cause it's about to embark on a bumpy ride of bonkers cinema!

    Your plot is your typical police taking on the cartel in a bloody dramatic rampage led by the always menacing and mystifying Robert Z'dar. The guy was such a treat to watch wasn't he?…

  • New York Ninja

    New York Ninja


    Vinegar Syndrome has taken their restoration work to a whole new level by resurrecting a long lost 80s film and saving it from a fate of cinematic purgatory. Abandoned long before completion, a new script, score and overall vision was painstakingly created. The result?A remarkable rebirth of a time capsule of gritty New York exploitation insanity!

    When a man's wife is killed by some violent thugs he goes undercover as a vigilante ninja! But not just any ninja...The New York…

  • The Beyond

    The Beyond


    An unrelentless pummeling of putrid puss filled carcass carnage GET READY FOR MISERY! Fulci crafts one of his most visceral landscapes packed full of dramatic gore soaked debauchery. A slow descent into a dingy dread filled nightmare realm, the Beyond will cause your dreams to beg for mercy after they are laced with blood, maggots and magical macabre.

    The spontaneous scenes of violence are all over the place in this one. Like the conveniently placed giant jug of acid that…

  • Killer Party

    Killer Party



    Finally checking out this oddball Canadian slasher thanks to the new Scream Factory release. A film that was always elusive to me despite being filmed close by in good ol Toronto! With that gnarly memorable artwork it was always a film I was super curious about. Rad title, rad artwork and rad film? Well not exactly but I can't deny the charming qualities of…

  • Child's Play 3

    Child's Play 3


    Child's Play 3: LOOK WHO'S STALKING! Holy shit! With a tag line like that we are surely in for another high quality Chucky rampage right??? Well the drop in quality is certainly noticeable here. The random military base setting and all those lame army characters...it's a clunky and awkward sequel but damn if it still isn't a charming piece of cheese. This was the sequel I remember seeing the most on cable back in the day so it carries some…

  • Nothing Underneath

    Nothing Underneath


    Well there's certainly NOTHING that resembles logic or rational decision making UNDERNEATH it's flimsy exterior. But what it lacks in reason it makes up for in unadulterated style for a mile. A raging 80s glamor giallo that's filled with lavish visuals, bare skin and a wild world of swanky fashion. Treat your eyes to this sensational cheese filled sleaze as your brain melts into an abyss of magical madness.

    The plot is your typical Italian brain scrambler. A vicious scissor…

  • Braindead



    Endlessly ahead of it's time. Every little decision is absolutely polished with pristine B movie precision. An unrelentless pummeling of chaotic cinematic perfection. Unfolding like a cartoony nightmare that's packed full of disorienting details that blast the screen with ferocious intensity. Scene to scene there's no shortage of the obscene. I watch this every few years and it never ceases to amaze me. One of those rare horror films that ages like a fine wine. Absolutely sublime and deliciously divine.…