Unmasked Part 25

Unmasked Part 25 ★★★½

Unmasked part 25 is a unique gem of absurd cinema. A horror satire comedy that is surprisingly effective and genuine. A movie that perfectly blends high dosages of gore, humor and characterization and delivers an engaging story. And after the first five minutes where a guys face is peeled off and heart ripped out I was totally on board!

Jackson is your typical hockey mask wearing serial killer who's past times include hacking and slashing innocent victims. When he meets a new love interest he questions his way of life and attempts to live a normal life. Will his violent impulses be controlled? Can he find true love?

There's a gritty feel highlighted by the grimy clubs and apartment buildings, edgy characters and overall punky/new wave aesthetic. This combined with the jarring scenes of gore make for a visually pleasing experience. And damn the gore... I was thrown off by some of the scenes as they are very over the top. People getting impaled, mangled and butchered all the live long day!

The only downside to relying on the characterization and storyline is that you have to be able to buy into these aspects. They can make or break the experience depending on whether you engage with these qualities. After all it is a B movie at heart so balancing in the more serious elements won't work for everyone. I was kinda half in and half out with these parts but there was still enough going on to keep me entertained throughout.

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