The Wind

The Wind ★★★½

Meg Foster and Wings Hauser star in this bizarre and colourful slasher from Nico Mastorakis. A subtle film built around it's beautiful setting, grandiose 80s style and that indistinguishable out of sync weirdery that only Mastorakis could pull off. While it's hard to pin point there's always something mesmerizing about his films. They feel like elevated B movies with an added touch of purposeful dissonance and breezy surrealism.

Meg Foster stars as a mystery writer who has traveled to Greece to for an isolated setting to write. The desolate coastal town is nearly empty other than the eccentric landlord and charming yet mysterious handy man played by Wings Hauser. Oh and of course there's that pesky wind! Turning a peaceful setting into a tumultuous whirlwind of chaos. Perfect for a suspenseful cat and mouse game with a deadly killer!

Mastorakis always has great scores in his films and this is no different. Feeling like some of the music found in 80s Italian horror, there's no shortage of proggy instrumentals and cascading synths. Paired with strong use of lighting and atmosphere this otherwise mediocre experience is elevated into a stylish and engaging little slasher. Plus you can never go wrong with a crazy Wings Hauser chasing Meg Foster through fog filled creepy cobblestone alleyways wielding a sickle! And sometimes in slow motion! What more could you ask for???

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