The Beastmaster

The Beastmaster ★★★

Coscarelli's Beastmaster is an epic adventure straight from the heart of ambitious 80s cinema. A whimsical tale of fantasy amongst an expansive world of wonders.

An engaging story filled with an oddball cast of characters, enjoyable action sequences and imaginiative folklore. While it's rather inconsistent and flimsy Beastmaster still provides enjoyment through it's cheesy entertainment and B movie charm.

This was a first time viewing so without any nostalgia attached to it I was able to give it a fresh take. And while I certainly enjoyed it for what it was I also found it a little flat. Lead guy was pretty underwhelming and although Rip Torn is often solid his villian character here leaves a lot to be desired.

The animals were all gorgeous but as sidekicks they lack a lot of the wacky weirdery that a few puppet creature sidekicks would have brought to the table. Guess I expected more of a Neverending Story or Labyrinth cast of zany creations.

I see why people enjoy this one and had I seen it at a young age I'm sure it would have hit a little harder.

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