Superstition ★★★½

Underrated supernatural slasher and forgotten gem within the 80s horror universe. Full of creepy atmosphere, great practical FX and some solid WTF moments. Plus it's Canadian so you know it's going to be top notch! And how awesome is that poster art??

A witch has returned from the dead to seek revenge on anyone who visits her old stomping ground. Namely a creepy old house and the small town surrounding it. And she doesn't waste any time! In the first ten minutes a guy is cut in half by a window while anothers head is exploded in a microwave. Gotta love a solid gory opening!

The film has this late 70s supernatural thriller vibe during some of the slower parts. Luckily we never have to wait too long before another jarring kill scene is thrown at us. And I think that's what really elevates a film that could have been pretty dry otherwise. The kills are fairly gory and can happen unexpectedly. Flying saw blades, people getting hung, crushed and impaled (often by a creepy demon looking hand too!)

Sure it can be a little slow or cheesy at times but there's an undeniable charm to this movie. A film I like to revisit every couple of years as I wait patiently for a blu ray release!

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