Sleepwalkers ★★★★

A 90s horror gem and top tier Stephen King adaptation. A film that embodies that whimsical spirt of 80s horror while celebrating the zany energy of the early 90s. A majestic tale of campy fables and tumultuous teen romance. A film that rides that perfect balance of mean spirited nature and dramatic theatrics.

"They feast on your fear...and it's dinner time!"

Charles Brady and his mother Mary are not of this world. Ancient cat like monsters they must rely on the lifeforce of humans to survive. When they take refuge in the sleepy town of Travis it isn't long before their cravings for innocent blood get the best of them. When Charles meets the woman of his dreams Tanya Robinson, he is conflicted by mothers jealousy and his own murderous desire.

Lots of memorable scenes and even more memorable cat performances! Like the cop and cat team! Heavy metal car chases, corn cob stabbings, slow motion cat parades, grotesque SFX, rad monster designs, freaky incest, dramatic mom fights, lots of people getting slapped and Ron Perlman as a crass sheriff who threatens to spank girls bums! Great soundtrack too! What a ride!

Won't be waiting this long to revisit this again!

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