Rawhead Rex

Rawhead Rex ★★★★

Rawhead Rex!!! Love this movie. Watched the Kino Lorber blu ray and was really blown away. I only ever owned this on VHS so seeing it in all it's glory in HD was quite the experience! The overall design and packaging is really top notch.

Now for the movie itself. A clumsy farmer accidentally unleashes Rawhead Rex a violent demon and all hell breaks loose. Rex rips through the beautiful Ireland countryside mauling and murdering anything in his path. And he pees on a priest. Yep that happens. Rex doesn't give a shit bout nothing! It's up to regular Joe six pack to save the day while vacationing with his family.

Rawhead Rex is an obvious creation of Clive Barkers as the creature itself looks like something from Nightbreed but more intense. Sure up close it may look a little cheesy but the way they use it in the film is very effective and fitting. And it's films like this that reinforce my strong belief that practical FX will always trump CGI no matter how ghetto it may look. I'll take a person in a rad monster costume over a ridiculous Jar Jar Binks CGI asshole anyday!

Ok back to the film... I love the overall atmosphere and camera work in this movie. It sometimes feels like a slasher and other times it feels like a bizarre sci-fi horror like the movie Xtro. Dramatic performances, eccentric characters and an ominous score further add to the unique vibe of the film. There's some good gore and the kills are very chaotic and intense. The setting in Ireland is really stunning and makes for the perfect peaceful environment to be torn apart!

If you haven't seen this it's highly recommended!

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