Night of the Zombies

Night of the Zombies ★★★½

After my mind was blown with "Rats" I was curious to watch the other film included in the double feature Hell of the Living Dead. I own Hell of the Living Dead on VHS so only seeing it in poor quality (and a long time ago) I was curious to see how the blu looked.

This is a wild and wacky zombie film that borrows several elements from other notable films such as Dawn of the Dead and Zombi. I'm pretty sure parts of the score were lifted from other films and certain plot points reminded me of various other zombie films. With that said there's still enough original charm and wackiness to make this a solid movie.

The characters are super over the top and entertaining, the gore and SFX are legit and the nonsensical plot was just absurd enough to hurt my brain in a healthy manner. The dubbing and dramatic acting added some unintentional comical elements that had me laughing quite a bit. The blu looks great and it felt like a while new movie compared to the shoddy VHS quality I was used to. Even though I still love watching VHS quality every now and then this is a film that really benefited from a clean up.

The only thing I would change is the addition of alcohol next time.

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