Hider in the House

Hider in the House ★★★½

Knock knock...

Who's there?


Gary who?


Oh boy what a film. Fully unhinged Busey comin atcha with a delightfully deranged yet subtle thriller. And that poster art!!! I love it! 

"YOU CAN'T LOCK HIM OUT...HE'S ALREADY IN!" An unstable man sneaks into the attic of an unsuspecting family's home and torments the heck out of them through various forms of escalating creepy carnage.

Well first he feeds the kids chocolate and saves them from drowning...but don't let the neatly (not that neatly) combed back hair and suit jacket fool you! Dudes nuts. But in that ever so mesmerizing Busey kinda way. This role is his bread and buttahhhhhhhh.

So you all know that the late 80s are my favourite era of horror and I've come to realize that thrillers have benefited from that same aesthetic. The cheapo surrealism and fog machines, the hypnotic use of colours, bright pastels and flimsy made for TV looking set designs, the bizarre decision making and theatrics. It all blasts that dopamine like nobody's business. Dopa is mine.

If I'm gonna be busy it's gonna be busy with Busey.

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