Christmas Evil

Christmas Evil ★★★★½

Christmas Evil is pure cinematic perfection. Expertly dark, twisted and quirky this is essential Christmas horror. A highly underrated film that is much more involved than your average horror film. A masterful lead performance by Brandon Maggart showcases a realistic breakdown of the human mind and the full out deterioration of reality and self.

Maggart plays Harry, a troubled man who is observing the neighbourhood making a list of who's naughty and nice... literally. He's got full books of observations including kids who steal, have bad breath, pull people's hair, have impure thoughts, pick their nose and many more ridiculous things. And he also writes about the well behaved kids calling one of them "just a darling." Frickin amazing.

As his slow descent into madness overwhelms him he steals toys, crashes his work Christmas party and dances like crazy, randomly stabs and bludgeons people outside a church and drives around his sweet mini van that he's painted to look like Santa's Sleigh delivering stolen toys to just about anyone he comes across.

It doesn't take long for mob justice to catch up with our wacky Santy Claus before he makes an epic escape from all his troubles...AND NOW THE ENDING. One of my all time favourite horror movie endings this thing is lit!!! They don't make endings like this anymore holy moly fasten your cot damn seatbelt!

I startled my girlfriend (her first time viewing) when I yelled HERE COMES THE ENDING!!! while standing and putting my fist in the air and chugging a beer with the other...she handled it well thankfully. Could have been awkward...but she rules so happy ending.

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