Roma ★★★★

An incredible portrait of a time and place as told through daring, surreal, Fellini-esque vignettes. Both a tiny story and a massive epic. Visually and aurally, an absolute marvel (you don't need me to tell you this at this point). The use of depth in those wide shots is jaw-dropping, and the sound design is on another level.

And yet... it's (intentionally) distancing in many ways, I presume to make Cleo feel more like our eyes and ears into this world. In a weird way, though, this makes it feel like Cuaron is using Cleo the same way the men in the film do -- she's a tool into the narrative rather than a fully fleshed out character in her own right. Not really sure how I feel about that choice, and as such, this might be one that either grows or shrinks in my estimation as I think about it more.

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