Another Round

Another Round ★★★★

Vinterberg has a clear-eyed take on alcohol’s effects. He shows us its liberating benefits and its debilitating excesses. His scales are as close to balanced as can be in his honest, well-observed, and frequently funny new picture. 

His four leading characters have the most systematic approach to midlife crises that I’ve ever seen. They take notes and measurements. Their collaboration puts a fresh spin on what’s often an indulgent narrative arc. The tone is bright and comic for some of their more successful experiments and unflinching, even expressionistic, when it goes awry. 

Mikkelsen gives a rich performance. For all the emotion they can convey, his eyebrows should be declared a Danish national treasure. I’m a little late to the table on him, but he’s become an actor to follow for me. 

Early on, we see Laban, a aging spaniel who has trouble walking and must be carried outside and have one leg manually lifted to encourage peeing. Maybe it’s an obvious metaphor for the aging men, but it moved me deeply, as did a lonely, dusky shot of Laban much later.

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